The short of it…

Born in San Antonio, Aaron ‘AC’ Davis grew up in small towns in central Texas, such as Austin, Driftwood, and Wimberley. Always musically and artistically inclined, he started as a drummer when he was 12 years old, but quickly moved to playing bass as soon as he mowed enough lawns to afford one…… That, and he didn’t like being 2nd chair drummer.

Cultivating his craft playing high school talent shows, church dances, and sneaking into blues clubs on 6th Street, AC started touring at the age of 18 within Texas.

After moving to Houston for college, he met up with so many great musicians including his teacher and mentor, David Nichols, where he learned to be a bit more than just another bass player. “Dave taught me that if I remained teachable, I might become a half-decent musician. After he died, I was devastated but I still run the exercises he taught me to this day.”

Touring since he was a boy, AC has consistently brought a singular style and attitude to every project he is involved in.

Currently playing in up to 5 projects at a time, the demand for his services is on a steady rise.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to hire this guy!

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