About Me

Originally from San Antonio, Texas Aaron Davis has always been musically and artistically inclined. He started as a drummer at the age of 12 years old, and quickly moved on to play bass as soon as he mowed enough lawns to afford one. Aaron has been playing in Central Texas backing up all kinds of bands, on national tours and now can claim international status with his latest tour through Spain with guitar virtuoso Sefo.

Aaron Davis has also been making signs in Texas for 22 years. His signs are always original and NEVER pretentious. Aaron has a wide range of experience in making band stickers, to neon signs, and art installations to restaurant and bar décor.

Aaron has lived and breathed art and music since childhood. He honed his skills by sweeping the shops of geniuses from Houston to San Francisco, picking up morsel of knowledge from countless talented artists, tech-heads, and sign-makers. As an independent owner and operator, clients speak and deal directly when you call. He answers the phone. You will not be held up by an assistant, but you may have to wait until he gets off the stage!

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