Art Services- What is that?

Well, it’s a general term for professional handling and care (or light restoration) of any artwork, sculpture or object of value.

Moving from gallery or auction house to be installed in your home or business.

But, it’s not just for galleries-

If you are moving and need a lot of your more fragile possessions transported and installed in your new place

If you had your house painted and need the art reinstalled after it’s all done.

We also install chandeliers, and can provide lighting for your gallery.

Let AC’s expertise work for you!

Getting a piece of any value (monetary or sentimental) from point A to point B is our focus.

AC and his crew have been moving art around the country since the mid-90s.

We are fully insured and take an immense amount of pride in our work.

We also provide custom crating and have a network of galleries around the country we work with to get your piece where it needs to be safely. If I can’t find anyone to do it right, I’ll take it there myself.

Call 207/358.9598 to set up a meeting today!

Ampersand Art Installations